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Florence to Reedsport!

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These two pictures are of the Rte. 101 bridge over the Siuslaw river. Transient people have lived under the south side of this bridge, and still do. This is an antique drawbridge once in a while they open it for a large sailboat, backing up traffic and making a snarled mess.

This is a picture of a shrimp boat, fisherman still scratch out a living shrimping. The sand bank in the background is the south shore of the siuslaw river. The river cuts through the sand for many miles before entering the sea.

The jetty is pounded mercilessly by the ferocity of the ocean, we will get some pictures from farther out and post them too. You can see the water heaving and we are a 1/2 mile in from the ocean. It's low tide too!

On to the sandbox!
This picture below is one of four parking areas that the forest service has made for vacationers to use. They bring their four wheelers here by the hundreds. All four of these parking areas are full. We had to stop in the no parking to take these pics!(shhhh)You flatlanders can see orange flags waving in the breeze. These flags are mandatory as they warn approaching vehicles from the other side of a hill that you are about to breech the crest of the hill and an accident can then be avoided. The larger trucks pull the four wheelers on trailers, some times four at a time with a couple of motorcycles too!

This next shot is the four wheelers and motorcycles racing up and down the side of this giant sandbox. The noise can be deafening when 50 of them at a time fire up the engines and scramble for the top! It takes special tires to make it, this hill is steep. The tires look like paddle wheels on a riverboat!

On to Siltcoos!

Myrna is standing below a little pine tree in a park near the siltcoos river, a major spawning stream, that drains siltcoos lake and the hills to the east. This park is very peaceful most of the year, a favorite place of ours. Soon it will be overrun with tourists. I will get a shot when the tourists are thick, its unbelievable!

This railroad bridge is over siltcoos lake, they still run timber off Davidson's land on it, right straight to one of his mills. The side hills around here are heavily logged, making for spectacular views, and wood for you flatlanders to build homes with.

This is the same railroad bridge as in the last picture but we are looking down it now, straight west! It has hundreds of pilings under it and they should be full of fish, but no one fishes here. One day I will, and will let you know what I find. I can imagine crappie and bass, maybe trout and pickerel too. Seems like perch should be all over it also. Maybe even a walleye!

On to Tahkenitch lake scenery! 3 pictures!

The first one is a cottage on stilts in the middle of the lake! It is said to be owned by a famous writer who goes there for peace and quiet to write. It is accessible only by boat or swimming. The second one shows the fish cover along the shoreline, it is thick all the way around the lake. The third picture is just looking southeast down the lake towards Reedsport.

As we travel south toward Reedsport we find an old defunct paper mill. It is a very large International Paper facility located in the town of Gardiner, that is no longer in use. Well maybe someday they will re-open it. From here its not much more than a mile to Reedsport!

On to the Umpqua River


On to Coos Bay!

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