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Backyard, Condon Creek!

Up in the Hills, above Condon creek!

This picture is taken facing east off the hillside looking toward the tennis court property!

Lets climb a little higher and get a picture facing west of an area Granny said burned last year and should produce some morels.

These next 2 pictures are overlooking a huge valley to the west, Granny's homestead is down there somewhere, but the piney woods are so tall you can't make it out!

Looking to the west from here we spot the sand dunes and the ocean! two pictures were taken...We really need that new zoom camera!

This last pic is of a beautiful lake (Mercer lake) nestled in a hollow just a few miles inland from the ocean. It's full of perch and bass and maybe some salmonids! We plan to find out one of these days! So much to do and so little time!

Look for more adventure to follow as we scour the landscape for morels to put on our pizza!
*New* More pics from a recent trip out back.

This" is where billy creek runs into condon creek, it makes a deep pool here, piles of fish structure have been placed in the left side of condon creek to benefit spawning salmon. The water runs crystal clear, we just endured torrential rains the day and night before this pic was taken and you could spot a dime in the deepest pools! On up to the top of the hill!

" This is looking downhill over the edge of the road. The tree right in front of us is only a few feet off the road, yet you can not see the ground it is growing out of. It is a very tall tree, and this is a very steep hill. I bet elk and deer use it to escape predators and hunters. I know I'm not stepping over this edge.

When we get home in the evening we rustle up some grub and wait for our boys to show up, they aren't fussy, we don't have to take them to the vets or buy special foods. They give us many hours of enjoyment, sometimes as many as 8 show up! Wonderful pets that never do-do in the house and they are happy to get any scraps we have laying around! They love oreos, popcorn and ritz crackers, but most times they just get McDonalds buns.

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