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Photos courtesy: Canadian department of Forestry!

This is dead Gorse, yeah right, they poisoned it but it is in it's most lethal form now! I can't imagine anything but a bulldozer attacking this weed!

This fresh green Gorse, looks like a forest of pine, but trust us it is impenatrable! Very nasty stuff!

Above and below are pics of Gorse flowering, kinda cute, as long as you DON'T TOUCH IT!

Gorse or Furze?
(Ulex europaeus)

Myrna took me to see the beach, it's a pretty good trail walk to the beach where she took me! About a mile and a half! At the trail head, I was reading a sign the Government has posted, it said "Help stamp out Gorse". So I'm thinking what kind of perverted act causes Gorse? As I read on it said "be sure to clean your horses hooves". So evidently Gorse is spread by horses hooves! Whew, what a relief! The sign under that one said "NO Motorized vehicles or HORSES, foot travel only"!

We were safe I thought, we were on foot. We walked toward the beach, the ocean breeze in our faces, when we came upon some Gorse! Gorse is a bush, um, a very large bush, it was ten to twelve feet tall where I was looking at it! AND it stretches for miles around the forest edges along the ocean! From a distance it just looks like pine trees.
The freaking sign should have read "Beware of the Gorse"!!!!!! My gosh I thought the bees were bad. This stuff is impenetrable (you can't get through it)! BUT... This stuff can penetrate you, and right now! Even the bears walk around it, they don't even try to go thru it! There is nowhere on it that the needles aren't in place, ready to attack!

A cactus wouldn't stand a chance against this stuff! Gorse spines are 3 to 5 inches long and there is no space between them, for even a finger! Doctors all over the world are wasting money on surgical steel needles, this stuff is much sharper, thinner, and it's FREE! If you want to keep prisoners in a prison, plant Gorse around it, you can not get thru it! It would take very sophisticated tools, very long sophisticated tools, to allow you to get a hole started in it, and heaven help you if you fell or leaned against it. Just call the hearse never mind the ambulance!

Some brilliant individual(s) (I use the term brilliant loosely) decided to poison the gorse and kill it off? LOL It's dead alright, but now instead of being pliable, it's stiff as a Pirate's sword, and ten times sharper. The only suggestion I have to those that would stamp out Gorse is to burn the crap! After writing this we discovered the correct name for Gorse is "Furze". It still sounds perverted to me! Lmao!

We went to the site listed below and discovered that the forest service in Canada has the same view of Gorse that I do! You can't even burn it out, sorry!

Gorse information and pics!

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