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The Bear Story

The first time we went camping we returned to "Goldilocks" the bear! She stole all our porridge and drank all our "shine"! We'll get a real pic of her next time, we didn't have a camera the first time! We love the bears around here when they destroy the ground bee's nests! We hate the bears when they destroy our best edible mushrooms, the lobsters, these mushrooms are orange (like a lobster) and the bears turn to them for forage after the main crop of black berries is depleted! Bears! Ya cain't live with 'em, and ya cain't live without 'em!

This picture came from our neighbor "Betty" one of the local bears hanging out in her backyard and she got it to smile and stay still a moment...

Mryna~Mae's Real Bear Story!
Me and my Maw were out again trying to find them there Chanty-trelles for yet another pizza (we really like Chanty-trelle pizza.. have it alot in our house) and found a whole mess load of `em on a steep hillside and began to pick.. it was raining so hard but Maw and me had our wet weather plastic covers on (these keep us from hearing anna-thing but the rain beating down upon our heads). I was singing my usual dittee "har we go pickin` nuts in May" a bit further time elapses and this overwhelming odor came near me.. I turned to Maw and asked what she thought that smell was? she said maybe we is a mite close to a bear somewhere.. so I ignored the obnoxious smell and continued to pick.. In a short time I again told MAW that I couldnt hardly handle the smell and she turned and "gasped"! She said "Mryna~Mae, there be a right large bear over yor left shoulder.. what should we do..?" I turned slowly to look over my left shoulder and shor enuf.. there was a bear standing there, his mighty head hanging near, and I gulped, swallowing my beatin` heart and it hit my stomach with a boom. I let out a mighty gasp! Loud enuf to scare the critter... for I seen the frightened bear turn and run in an opposite direction... wasting no time .. I hollered out to Maw, "RUN!" Too late, she was already gone! So I took off and caught up to her.. flinging picked chanty-trelles everawhares.. and I knew ifin that old woman didnt start to run a mite faster.. I was gonna run right over the top of her.. for I was not going to be that there Bears dinner tonight! (Me and my Maw neva gotted et.. in case Ya'll was a wondering.. We is safe and sound!)

We were fortunate to witness this site while walking a trail last week. Proof positive that bears answer "natures call" in the woods!*big silly grin*

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